Those who did time travel

Those who did time travel

O the words in the title seem to be true? Can a person move from the present to the past or to the future at will? No, after thousands of attempts by scientists, it has not yet been possible to find a way to time travel. But there are some people in the world who firmly believe that they have passed the time, time travel. Let’s find out now from these people.


  1. Mars trip with Barack Obama

That’s right. Former US President Barack Obama is also with the time traveler in this incident! Seattle Attorney Andrew Basaigo claims that when he was a child, a project called Project Pegasus was run. This project had three goals. One is to save the earth from space invasion, to establish their own rights on Mars, and to let the creatures of Mars know their position.¬†Basaigo saw 19-year-old Barack Obama in his team at that time. And that was possible through time travel. Basaigo’s claim that the incident took place in 1980 was denied by the White House.


  1. American soldier of 2036

About the year 2000. The whole world was shocked by the words of one man. The man’s claim was that he was an American soldier from the world of the future, that is, from 2036. The man, named John Titter, had been using the IBM 5100 computer since 1975 to eradicate a virus from the world of the future. Titor spoke of Russia’s nuclear strike and the deaths of some 30 million people.


  1. Space Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova was born in Ukraine and looks a lot like a Barbie doll. This woman grew up there. But at one point he announced that he was not an ordinary person but was born to save people. At the age of 12-13, he claimed that Valeria traveled outside of her body, traveling to other planets and the world, and talking to everyone else through the light. This woman has written a book about her travels.


  1. Those who had seen the accident before

About 1932. German newspaper reporter that. Bernard Hutton and Joachim Brandt go to Hamburg Shipyard with their cameras. They went there to work on a story. On their way back, they suddenly heard the sound of a drone. They looked up and saw a lot of warships, and a terrible explosion followed. The two quickly took pictures of the incident. But the funny thing is, when they come back, they don’t find anything in the pictures. No accidents, nothing else. From the magazine, they were called drunk. A long time later. Hutton was then in London.¬†He read the news of a similar explosion in a 1943 newspaper. And the pictures – they were exactly eleven years ago. Eleven years later, 500-600 bombs were actually dropped on Hamburg, killing about 40,000 people.


  1. Seeing your own future

August 30, 2006, Hakan Nordkvist, 36, came to the kitchen to drink water. There he saw a leak somewhere in the water pipe. He crawled into the lower cabinet to fix the hole.

And then that path seems to go on for a long time. Hakan saw the light at the very end and proceeded towards it. And then there he met his 72-year-old condition.

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