Sunflower-A utmost Gift Of God

Sunflower-A utmost Gift Of God

Hello friends..
Who does not like and love flower ?
I think its answer is there is no one who does not like and love flower. Man woman children almost every ages are like and love flower.

Flower is the most attractive things of nature. All the people of all over the world like and loves flower. All the ages of human like and love flower. Flower is a symbol of heaven. Flower is the symbol of love.

There are many kinds of flower around us. Such as Sunflower, Rose , Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis, Mmusops Elengi, pile etc. But Sunflower is the most wonderful flower all of them.

It is very different flower of all kinds of flower. All the people of all over the world is very attractive about it. Sunflower is an unique flower in nature.

This flower is craziness flower. A lover of flower ad nature can feel this flower beautifulness. When sunflowers smelt lay bare in the air we find heaven touch. In the city or village every where sunflower is very attractive and look beautiful.

Sunflower is largely cultivate in India, Bangladesh , Pakistan, south Korea and Europe /America and Africans some country. Its cultivation is increasing day by day for its helpfulness.

It always looking to the sun. It is the wonderful attraction of the human. We have no limit to know why about the reason behind it. The scientist tries to uncover what the reason behind it.

People of the world are very eager to know what the reason behind it. Finally the scientist are happy for giving some acceptable information about the sunflower.

Sunflower looking to the sun from morning to evening.

Sunflower is very in commercial site. Many farm cultivate flower hugely. They cultivate and sell flower. By selling flower farmer can earn and save money.

They led their livelihood by cultivate and selling flower. Flower cultivation is a most attractive farming all over the world. Flower cultivation is increasing day by day.

We can prepare sunflower oil from sunflower. This oil is hugely uses in various activities. All over the world we can find various usefulness of sunflower.

Many poor people led their livelihood by selling flower. We taking an example of a street hawker. A street hawker life depend on selling flower. His life is a challenging life.

A street hawker sell flower form morning to evening. By selling flower the hawker can earn and save money. If the hawker can sell more flower he get more money and he can bring more food for his family. At night they cook and eat.

We can see various uses flower around us. We use flower in wedding, ovations celebration, homage’s tribute largely. Flower is part of happiness. We use flower in greetings and regards.

Sunflower oil has more helpful virtue. The international Nutritionist said that this oil has many component which are very needed for human body. This oil has oleic acid.

This oil has 100 percent helpfully component. This oil also has carbohydrate portion and water. Sunflower oil is full free from harmful component. This oil has vitamin E, vitamin K. also has mineral.

Sunflower oil is very helpful for teeth. Patient of Heart disease, diabetics disease, high blood pressure can safely use sunflower oil. This oil is a source of energy. Sunflower seed keep our body fit.

This flower seed remove pain from our body. Sunflower oil has magnesium component which keep us free from mental force. Sunflower oil also helpful for our heir.

Sunflower oil keep our skin good from sun ultra violate. This oil remove harmful component from our body. This oil also keep us body fit. Sunflower oil is very healthy for cooking.

Finally I told, Sunflower is a gift of god. We should take care this flower more and more.

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