Spider – A Thrilling insects

Spider – A Thrilling insects

Spider. A most interesting insect in fauna. Human have no limit to know about the spider all over the world. Science have no bond to know about its . The people of the world are more interested to know about it. Children are the very interested to know about it. They have no bond about spiders curiosity. The producer of the film already made more movies. In the film the producer try to give some entertain all over the people. Children become more happy saw the spider man movie. But these films are mythical. science try to uncover all information about it. They had a lot of information about spider. Spider man movie is not include with it. We have to try uncover about spider by the books. The life style and eats of spider is interesting. They spend a curiosity life. We hope all viewers can be clear some information about spider.

Spider is the most curiosity insect in our planet. The science try to uncover all thing about spider. 318 million years ago the scientist discover the fossil of the spider. Almost 42 thousand various spider have in our earth. But the scientist could have discover some kind of spider.

Spider live both ground and water. A huge kind of spider live in ground. They had a various life style. Their body is also a interesting thing to us. We often fond it in our bathroom. Because it like to drink. Spider can not eat . They always drink. They create their counterfeit and catch prey various insects like fly gnat etc. Their counterfeit twist make in their body naturally. There are many kind of spider around us. The highest painful spider found in north America. They live in ground. They like to eat insect. The highest big spider wights can be 170 gm which like a small puppy. The highest spider foot can long 12 cm. Spider eyes to be 6 to 8. Black widow female spider eat the male spider after sex. Sometimes the female spider leave the male spider if she is not hungry then. But the male spider give himself to the female spider for eat. The scientist also uncover a special thrilling event in spider life time. When the mother spider give birth spider baby she can not arrange their food. Because if the mother spider go out for bring food for the newborn spider other insects can eat the newborn spider. At this condition a big challenge is arrange food for the newborn of female mother. Then the mother spider don not find any way to manage food for the newborn spider. Finally the mother spider made shes body food for the newborn spider. The newborn spider eat their mother body and grow day day. One day the newborn spider finished their mother body and they become free. Like that event spider have thrilling even in heir life time. The scientist always try to uncover all kind of thrilling event of spider life time.

Some international film maker made some wonderful movie about spider. The children and people of the world took it with very eagerness. In the film the producer try give us mythical event. The viewer  got a lot of entertain from these movies. In this film we saw the spider man in various activities. The spider man help the on the hook people. Sometimes the spider man fight against the monster. The monster destroy one by one architecture and kill the people. At this condition the government and special force can not do any hing. In this time the spider man fought against the monster and save the people. Whole movie made with thrilling and interesting part. We hope we will get more movies about spider.

If one day we get  the real spider man the world may be save and see imagine matter.

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