Now you can make voice and video calls on WhatsApp Web too, Feature coming soon

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The WhatsApp application is widely used as a messaging application all over the world. Today, WhatsApp has more than 2.5 billion active users worldwide. The features of WhatsApp not only provide users with a great user experience, but also make many tasks easier. When this new feature for WhatsApp is released, millions of users of WhatsApp Web will directly benefit from it. In this case, this new feature of WhatsApp will make many tasks easier, saving users a lot of time.

As the most popular messaging app in the world, WhatsApp is the most used app. WhatsApp continues to add new features from time to time to further enhance the user experience. Video and audio calling features are now available soon on the WhatsApp website for WhatsApp. Whatsapp has already started rolling out this new feature to beta users.


Voice and video calls are a key feature of the messaging app WhatsApp and have long been available on mobile devices. Meanwhile, when this new feature is released, it will also be available to desktop users. With this new feature, desktop users can also chat with their acquaintances and friends via audio and video calls.


Reports about a new feature for WhatsApp Web Calling suggest that it will open a separate window for incoming calls from WhatsApp, where you can accept or reject calls based on the user. The window that opens when you make a call from the WhatsApp web page is different from the window you receive a call. Currently, this new feature of WhatsApp does not have a group calling feature, but it is likely to be introduced in the future.

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