Love story – Romantic Story 2021

If your wife says during a fight, “I won’t stay during this
house anymore, I’ll leave this house.” Love Story

Then you’ve got to know . She doesn’t actually need to measure
during this house immediately . She wants to travel somewhere
distant with you. Where only you and he. faraway from home

2. If he had said that “because of a woman like me I am doing
all the work of your family, if anyone else would have left”

Then you’ve got to know , he wants to chop more rights towards
you. He wants to urge you by owning more. He wants to carry on
to the planet and live.

3. If he says “I’m old now, i do not feel good anymore”

Then you’ve got to know , he wants your love anew. sort of a new
boyfriend, he wants you again.

4. If he says, “Now you’ll not remember me, you’ll remember new

Understand then, he feels your absence. Your absence shakes his
heart. Time wants you closer. you’ll find her within the gaps of
labor . Love again like that new one.

5. If he says “I am a slave during this house, I even have no
right during this house”

Then you’ll understand ‘he wants to read your secret diary, he
wants to chop rights.
And now “she wants your Facebook password, she wants to
ascertain messenger. She doesn’t wish to comment like your post
sort of a slave.

*If he says “If i do not such as you , let me go

Then you’ve got to know “You lack love for her, hold on to her
amorously . Hug her albeit it is a little tight. Give her a
touch kiss if you’ll .”

* If you say, “This is that the fate of your seven children.”

Understand then, he wants you as a husband of seven more.
Because everyone gets comfortable using the donkey.

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