Movie Explained: Kill Bill Vol 1 Film in English

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  1. So In This Article I will Explain kill bill Vol 1 in the starting scene of the film we see a girl. She is looking like a bride. Because she is wearing a bridal dress. But she is looking wounded. Her nose and mouth were damaged. Movie Explained: Kill Bill Vol 1 Film in English 

Meanwhile, a man comes to her. He starts cleaning the blood from her face. The cloth or the handkerchief he had in his hand Bill was written on it. That girl feels scared about him. That man says to her that don’t be scared. You are looking beautiful.

kill bill vo 1

You are thinking that if you look like this then I will leave you? No No, I like you from the beginning. I can’t leave you ever. Before that bride could say something. The firing starts there. But from here the scene changes. We are shown a girl while driving a car. This girl is the bride whom we saw in the

starting. She goes to a house and rings the bell of that house. A lady comes from inside.
Her name was Vernita. While seeing that bride that lady gives weird expressions. Now the bride goes inside. They both have knives and while showing the knives to each other they start fighting.
Kill Bill Vol 1 Film Explained in English

2. This scene was very unexpected.

  • This fight increases because both ladies were in anger. There is a loss of many things in the house. Meanwhile, they see from the window that the daughter of Vernita is coming inside the house after returning to the school. They hide their knives means Vernita and that bride.

Kill Bill Vol 1 movieSo that the kid will not be scared.
Vernita says to her daughter to go to her room upstairs. And don’t come downstairs till your mother calls you.

Now the bride also talking to that small kid. She asks her age. Also Read : The Conjuring 3
When she says that I am of 4 years then Bride sadly says that.

If my daughter will be alive she will also be of 4 years. Here we come to know that something has happened to Bride’s family. When that kid goes, Vernita starts talking to Bride.

She says that I request you, my daughter loves me so much. I also love my daughter so much.
I don’t want that she sees me while dying. You please never kill me in front of her.

Otherwise, she will never forget this thing. If you want to kill me so we will fight tomorrow at night with swords. Not here but at a shore of the stream. But then Vernita again speaks that Bride tells me one thing that your revenge will be complete after killing me?
Kill Bil

#3.The Bride says no how it can be completed.

My revenge will be complete after killing your whole family. But I have not this stone heart.
And I will not do this. I will only kill you.
Now Vernita goes to the other side. She picks up the box of cereals and hides a gun in it. And she shoots the bride with that gun. The bride knew her plan.

The bride saves her life by going to the other side. And the knife she had in her hand, she throws towards Vernita. That knife stabs in her. And she dies there. Meanwhile, her daughter also arrives the bride says to that girl that doesn’t be sad. Your mother wasn’t a good woman. It was better for her to die. Well, I don’t think that you will take revenge on me because you are a kid yet.

And you don’t know but even then If you want to take revenge on me or want to ask me that why I kill your mother. So you can meet me. Then Bride comes out from there.

She sits in her car and picks up her notebook. There were some names written in that notebook. There was a name on the name of Vernita which she had crossed. This means that she had killed that human before. And now she also crosses the name of Vernita. There were many other people on her list whom she will kill. Till here we understand that maybe they have killed her family.
Kill Bill Vol 1 Film Explained in English

And she is taking revenge on them. That’s why she is killing them. From here the scene shifts into the past. We see the scene 4,5 years ago. When a man is going towards the church while driving his car. Because there was an attack happen and many people were killed. When that police officer goes inside the church and sees. There was a pretty girl.

She is actually a bride who is shown injured at the starting scene of the movie. The police officer sits near her. And he says that she was a bride, Alas, they have killed her. But then he feels that she is alive. He immediately sends her to the hospital. Now we see the bride the blood was cleaned from her face. She was in the hospital meanwhile, a girl in a dress of nurse comes there. And she has an injection of poison. That girl comes to the bride and starts injecting that poisonous injection into her. Also read more: Army of the dead

#4. Meanwhile, she receives a call.

He asks the nurse has injected the injection or not? then the nurse says that not yet. Speak up hurry up. That man says that she is faint now and doesn’t inject the injection now. Inject that injection when she becomes fine. Then it will be fun. She says okay I will inject it later. That nurse was looking weird. After it, he leaves from there. Now four years have passed. She is still the same this means the bride was in a coma after that incident.
This means she was paralyzed. She doesn’t feel anything. Suddenly, we see that a mosquito sits on her body.

As it tries to suck her blood Bride opens her eyes. She immediately sits. She starts remembering the past. That how was her marriage going on, how that attack happened and how all the peoples were killed. How her marriage stopped and she has shot a bullet in her head.

As she touches her head she finds no mark. How can she find a mark because 4 years have passed this incident? But that bride doesn’t know this. She wasn’t believing all this. So she lays down. Meanwhile, two men come there. One of them was a staff member of that hospital who says himself a doctor.
A healthy human was with him. When he comes closer to the bride, the bride gets scared of him.
She pushes him and falls him down. And then she kills him. But she herself fell down of the bed.
She feels like she can’t walk. This means her legs are paralyzed. Now she moves forward while crawling. She hides behind the door. Then that fake doctor comes there.
Kill Bill Vol 1 Film Explained in English

#5. When he sees that the healthy human is dead.

He becomes worried. When he tries to come inside that bride stabs him from behind secretly. He falls down and then Bride immediately shuts the door. The neck of that fake doctor stuck in the door. And he dies. She takes out the key to the car from his pocket. Then she goes down in the parking. She was in a wheelchair and finally, she searches for his car. She hardly sits in the back seat of the car. Her feet were not moving. She was saying to her feet that please move you have to move.

This means she was encouraging herself. While talking to herself. She tries a lot to move her feet. Like this, she passed 13hours there. Finally, she moves her foot. Her feet were moving accurately now. She comes to the front seat of the car. She drives the car out of the hospital. She was seeing the vision of all people. The people who have done bad with her.

And she comes to this condition. There were 4 people include in them. Three girls and a boy. One of them was Vernita. And one of them was a girl whom she killed before. When we are shown the present scene. Now a boy and a girl left behind. But still, the story is going on in the past. Now when the bride comes out of the hospital she goes to someone to learn the sword skills. This means she goes to learn the sword skills. That man also makes a nice sword for her.

With it, she will fight. And will kill everyone. But the first Japanese girl whom she has to kill was not that easy. Because she was a huge gangster. But now the bride wasn’t scared. She has to take her revenge. She takes a plan from there and comes to another country where that Japanese girl was living. She has many servants. The bride comes to know that she is living in a hotel nowadays.

The bride immediately goes there. But there was high security. When she reaches there, she sees that Japenes’s assistant there. The bride holds that assistant. And starts screaming. That where are you? she in fact was calling that Japanese girl. But when she doesn’t come out and she gets late.
Then the bride cuts the hand of that assistant.

Kill Bill Vol 1

She cuts the hand of that assistant while seeing it the people there get scared. Then that Japanese girl arrives there. This means the Japanese gangster. She says to her special man to ge and fights with that bride. He knows the good skills of the sword. He comes in front of the bride while taking his sword.

But the bride also cuts his sword with her sword. This means the bride has a good sword. Then she stabs her sword in that man. When that Japanese lady sees this she becomes aggressive. She says to her people to go to that Bride. And kill her. But now Bride is also a good player of the sword.

She knows very well that how to spin a sword. Now as the people move towards her, Bride competes with them. She keeps on spinning her sword and she defeats everyone. Now in the last when there is nothing left to that Japanese woman. Then she calls a 17 years old girl. She was her special assistant.

#6.Even she was a kid but she knows the skills of spinning the sword.

She starts fighting with the bride and they fight a lot. But the bride also defeats her. The eyes of that girl start bleeding. Then the Japanese lady gets confused. That she is defeating everyone, how will I defeat her? Now that Japanese lady takes out her sword. As the voice comes of her taking out the sword. With it, we also hear the voice of some bikes. Then that Japanese lady starts laughing. She says to that Bride while smiling that what do you felt? That you will defeat me so easily. Have you heard before that how huge a gangsters am I? You will compete with me. Poor lady.

Kill Bill Vol 1 Film Explained in English

Then many people of that Japanese lady come there. They all were wearing black masks. But the bride wasn’t sacred. She turns her sword on the other side. In which she sees the reflection of all of them They all were around her. Bride starts revolving her sword. She was so talented here while using her skills she kills them all. There is none left.

When the bride sees behind that Japanese lady wasn’t there. She may be scared. When the bride goes outside of that hotel that Japanese girl was outside that hotel. The bride starts fighting with her. There was snow outside. There was a fight among them. At first, that Japanese lady hurts that bride. But in the beginning, Bride was seeing her silently. That when she will get tired and when I will attack her. And it happens the same.

Kill Bill Vol 1

At first, that Japanese lady tries to attack her. But then that time comes when the bride attacks her.
For the first time, she stabs her. Then for the second time, that bride blows away the head of that Japanese lady with her sword. Her head falls at a far distance in the snow. Now the bride was successful. To kill that Japanese lady. After it, the bride takes her assistant whom’s hand was cut by her. Her hand was bleeding. She throws her outside in the snow. Here, it is revealed to us that there is Bill behind all this. Bill, who gave this order. After it, she again sits in the airplane.

#7.To go somewhere else, and there she writes the 5 names in her notebook.

And write the heading ‘Death List’. This means she will kill 5 people. In which there was the name of that Japanese lady at first. Vernita was on second and then while lefting 3rd and 4th, Bill was on 5th number. Bill, who is the leader of them all. And he made the bride injured. And he wanted to give the poisonous injection to that bride. Now we know that bride will not leave them all. As she killed Vernita and that Japanese girl like this she will kill others. She will complete her revenge while traveling everywhere.
With it, this story ends here.

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