What is Halloween Day? And its history!

What is Halloween Day? And its history!

Everyone must have heard of Halloween. This day is celebrated every year on the last day of October i.e. 31st in memory of the dead souls. In the last few years, Halloween has become known almost everywhere in the alleys of the West and the East. Well, does anyone know the origin of this Halloween day?


The word ‘Halloween’ or ‘Halloween’ comes from the Scottish word ‘All Hallows’ Eve. The word Halloween means ‘purified evening or holy evening’. The word ‘Hallows’ Eve has changed over time to ‘Halloween’. About two thousand years ago, the Celtic people lived in present-day Ireland, England, and northern France. The first day of November was celebrated as their New Year or ‘Sah-Win’. They considered this day to be the end of summer and the beginning of darkness or winter. And the last day of October seemed to be the worst night, the night all the ghosts and dissatisfied souls returned among them.If people meet them, they can be harmed. And so people used to wear different ghost masks and clothes on this night. And at night, wearing a mask by the fire, they would go round and round together, chanting mantras, and when their own family was small, they would socialize together, including staying in someone else’s house.

In the course of time, this ‘Sah-Win’ festival of the Celtic nation is now the ‘Halloween’ festival. There are two things involved with this event. One is Trick or Treat, and the other is Jack’s Lamp. Trick or treat as little kids go from house to house and knock on doors, then your responsibility is to give them some candy or food in their bag.

On October 31, Saman, the god of the dead, summoned all the dead souls to earth. On that day, the Halloween witch flew across the sky with a flying broom. Sometimes the old witch of the green rattle knocks on the door of a house. This is the folk idea about the day of Halloween. Now let’s talk about the festival, the beginning of the celebration of Halloween was in the Middle Ages. Celtic civilization then spread across the highlands of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and parts of the Uranus of France. Halloween originates from the Samhain festival celebrated by the ancient Celts.

As many ghosts as there are, everyone comes to the locality tonight. And if you can’t make those ghosts happy, then danger! And that’s why Halloween is celebrated on this night. This Halloween is celebrated on the last day of October. There is no end to the rumors in Europe and America about celebrating this Halloween. Preparations have been going on there for months to celebrate the night.

Now Halloween is celebrated in different countries of the world. In Europe and America, it is celebrated in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and even in Bangladesh. Tonight, this Halloween festival has been organized in many clubs, restaurants and private places in Bangladesh. The festival has been decorated in a colorful and colorful way especially for small children.

UNICEF even observed the day. Many of the children associated with them raised funds to play tricks or treat ghosts on this day. And those funds are spent for helpless children.


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