Fever And Cough? Nothing fear!

Fever a common disease in our daily life. Almost every human fall in fever in his life time. Nothing worry about it. we can get rid of this disease by easy treatment.

Fever and cough that’s not mean covid-19. Fever and cough is a common disease in our daily life. We fall in fever generally naturally. Besides we fall in fever largely in winter and rainy season. Heavy snow also responsible for fever. Parents try to control their children from rain water and snow. Though a tension always ambient parents but children fall in fever naturally . Parents also fall in fever naturally .

When we fall in fever we feel like be cold . Sometimes we feel shivers and poor. Then our health condition become poor and lazy. We can not do any work. We lose our eating appetite. We not to need eat anything.The temperature of nature is lees than our body temperature. As a result we feel cold. We stay rest whole day at bed. Our parents take care of us. We try keep us in comfortable. We take rest until we free from fever. And we continue our treatment according WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION treatment for fever.When we fall in fever we take a easy treatment from our family doctor. Some common pill can remove fever from our body. First of all we take rest fulfill. Then we start to take some common pill as Paracetamol, Napa, Napa Extra etc. We continue our treatment like that until we feel free from fever.

If we cant not over come from fever in 7 days we have to need a special doctors. Then the doctor test our health condition. He can be take a blood test. Blood test can to clear our health condition. If we fall in dangerous disease blood test report it will clear. Then the doctor take some special step to remove fever from our health. Some antibiotic can include with regular pill. Assiduously continue treatment 15 days. Regular taking pill will ensure. A regular take care and taking treatment can remove fever from our health. Any how if the fever stay in our body after 15 days taking with regular treatment and pill we can hope we will get rid from fever.

We always stay calm and never be worried. Some people become worried. It is nod right. Fever is not a serious disease so we should stay calm.It will remove from our health day by day. We need just rest. Fulfill rest can remove fever from our health. If the fever not remove from our health after taking 15  days it notice us about major I mean serious problem. Then quickly have  recourse to near hospital. Then must have recourse to a special doctor. May be admitted in hospital. Special test special monitoring need for the patient . Always try to keep comfortable the patient.  Regular treatment and take care can be good step for the patient. If the patient has cough faster test the covid-19. The parents and the patient can not be worried. A better treatment and regular take care can survive against the covid-19. Self confidence is the best treatment all over the disease. If any person survive against the covid-19 with his full of self confidence he can successfully over come from the covid-19. So every human need self confidence to over come any disease. If any person lost his self-confidence he can not survive against any disease. As a result he can be lost his life.

At last all the man of the world become conscious about all disease. If any person fall in fever and cough it never means he is affected by covid-19. Regularly treatment and rest can recover our body from fever or any disease.Mind happiness is also a great treatment against all the disease.

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