Deer – A peaceful animal in the planet

Deer. A peaceful animal in the planet.

Deer is an interesting and attractive animal in the planet. They live in various country in the world. Bangladesh, India, Africa, is very famous for deer living. Today we are going to know about deer of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is also very famous for living deer.

At one time 5 species deer found in Bangladesh. These are: 1. Figure 2. Maya 3. Samba 4. Barshinga and finally 5 Natrini deer or pera deer. All ready we lost Barshinga and natrini deer.

If we hear the name of deer first of all the figure deer do show in our eye. People of all over the world very attractive and interesting about figure deer. It is very calm and peaceful animal. It looks very beautiful. The figure deer is very famous in subcontinent. They are very large and huge in the Indian subcontinent. They live the forest. The rich family are also pet deer in their house. At one time the figure deer was found almost every where. As a result they are known various name in Bangladesh in various region. Such as chital deer, chitral deer, phonta deer, Debua deer are the regional deer names. The medium sized deer is about 1.8 m in length. The height at the shoulder level is 90 cm and 65 cm for males and females respectively. Some male deer weight up to 100 kg !! the short tail is up to 20 cm long.

Deer is social animals. It means they like to live with each other by making unity. They like to live with group. In a group almost live 100 deer from 3. The male deer lead the group. Another male deer can be leader with one male deer. Their main food is grass and tree leaf. In the food crisis they also eat the skin of tree. At the age of two or three the figure become fit for born a new deer. After 6 month of pregnancy they gift a new deer. The new deer or deer child very beautiful and attractive too much.
The figure deer can live all type of the forest. But some cruel people catch them for business. They attract deer and kill them for earn money. This crime is increasing day by day. As a result we lost our natural wealth. Nature lost its beautiness.

Barking deer :2 .

Barking deer is one of the small deer of the world. It is very small and beautiful deer in the planet. It is also very calm and peaceful animal. People are very attractive interesting about barking deer. In Bangladesh barking deer is very favorite attractive deer. It is also very attractive and favorite in the Indian subcontinent. Barking lives in Sundarbans and nujhum forest hugely. This barking is very poor and shy than any other deer. Their body is covered by the short brown heir. The male barking deer`s up teeth is bigger than the down teeth. They use their big teeth to protect their self. The male has two horns above their head. Their weight can be 17 kg. They live with group. They run slowly. Their sound something similar dog sound. They eat all type of food. They eat tree leaf ,grass even bird`s egg. After their birth they become fit for birth or gift new deer after. They gift a new barking deer per year. They live in the deep forest near by a river or lack.

One time we found barking deer hugely. But now a days they are very poor number deer in our country.
Environmentalist says that the destroying of forest is the main causes of this. We lost our governmental wealth day by day. Nature also lost its wealth. People and government should come forward to check it.

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