That Presentation Minimizes Brain Preservation

That Presentation Minimizes Brain Preservation

There are several habits that reduce the performance of our brain. Which features a devastating effect on our daily lives. Let’s not know, which habits reduce the performance of our brain.

1. Insufficient sleep-

There are many of you who watch TV all night, many work all night, many read books and stay awake all night. He spent night after night without sleeping like this. But it’s very bad for your body. Doing so can cause you to sick. also as this habit also reduces your intelligence. For this, a traditional person needs 7-8 hours of full sleep daily. If you sleep but 1 hour, your level of intelligence can drop to six to 4 degrees.

2. If you watch regular reality shows-

There are many of you who watch reality shows regularly, the intelligence of those people gradually decreases. A study has found that those that don’t watch reality shows have a way higher intelligence than those that watch reality shows. So this type of habit should tend up.

3. Sugar lowers brain performance-

A study by UCLA found that drinking coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc. a day gradually reduced brain function. As a result, it destroys the tendency to recollect or learn something new.


4. Practices That Reduce Brain Performance Practices That Reduce Brain Performance

That Presentation Minimizes Brain

Many people do many things together. this will reduce their intelligence tons . Especially those that work on several electronics products at an equivalent time, their intelligence is greatly reduced thanks to talking also as taking pictures with the camera. A study by Stanford University revealed this information.


5. Regular chewing gum causes brain loss.

This information comes from three studies at Cardiff University. As are often seen, chewing gum always reduces the STM of the person. There the youngsters were made to figure after being fed chewing gum and it had been found that they might not recognize the arranged object. those that weren’t fed chewing gum were much faster than them.

. thanks to overuse of PowerPoint-

A study has found that excessive use of PowerPoint greatly reduces human intelligence. people that work with PowerPoint have a reduced ability to think and choose on difficult issues.

. Excessively obese brain performance decreases-

A 2010 study found that the intelligence levels of some obese people increased significantly fortnight after the operation.

. Smoking reduces brain function-

Many folks smoke. tons of times we smoke together when a couple of people hang around . One study found that such habits greatly reduced intelligence.

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