All most every people loves baby. Their cuteness impressed us. Baby looks like a symbol of heaven. Their laugh seems a part of heaven. We cannot ignore their cuteness and laugh.
Those families has a baby it is part of heaven. Without baby a family is not complete. But baby care is challenge in a married life. All the people or family cannot take care fulfill. Some violence issue torched baby cruelly. All the family has a good responsibility to the baby care.
Now a days all over the world in lockdown for corona virus. This is time of unhappiness and boring. The human become tried and cruelly for lockdown. These problem affected baby heavily. People tortured baby cruelly. This is major problem of lockdown days. We have a responsibility to measure baby care .
People of the whole world become very tried and tetchy in lockdown. They don not make sure their baby care. Baby are the future of a nation. But now a days the future nations in violence. This is harmful for them. This is our responsibility to make sure our baby care. Baby may be would not read regularly. And their parents outraging them. It is not right. We have to do a good behavior to them. Every day we should take care baby. We have to time measure for our baby.

How can we measure of baby care?

  • 1. Children must be ware soft dress.
    2. Their dress must be washed by their parents.
    3. Their uniform should be once more.
    4. Parents must go out far from the home with children for their happiness per month.
    5. We know that children can`t take their teeth. So parents must be take care children`s teeth.
    6. Parents must be teach their children how can keep their clean and germ free.
    7. In morning and afternoon parents must be train up physical exercise.
    8. After eating ice-cream and chocolate their teeth must be clean and wash the mouth.
    9. At the time of reading the teacher not should be cruelly.
    10. Children`s teacher should be friendly and helpful.

Besides, All the member of a family should inspire their children in many artist activities. For example: reading book, sing song, dance, art and acting etc. They should not touch mobile phone, computer, tab, games. They should ply in the play ground. For example: football ,cricket, basket ball, badminton etc. parents must train up the children how to swimming in the river. Swimming is the most important in human life. Always remember it, A man who do not know swimming in the water his life is not safe in journey in the water way or river way. So in the childhood time every children must know how to swimming in the river.

Many parents keep out their children from work. It`s not right. Some easy work which they can do it parents should let them do it. By this way they will be active in their own work. In the future they do not be afraid their own work. They can take new challenge in their own life. It`s a good point of their life. Parents should inspire their good activities. As a result they will be mature to take their challenge with free mind.

Many parents have who are afraid by their children. They are more confused about their children for their future. It is not right. They should be positive about their children. One things always should remember that positive think brings positive result.
Children are the next leader of the world. They should not be avoid by speech work or opportunity.

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